Men Division

The Men Division (MD) is considered the “pillar of faith” in the organisation. They are looked upon as role models and provide faith guidance to the other divisions, as that of a fatherly figure in the family. They are respected for their strength and wisdom derived from their rich life experiences and for the fulfilment of their responsibilities in the family, at work and in society.
Men Division

Women Division

The Women Division (WD) is regarded as “the sun of the family” in the organisation. Through their earnest Buddhist practice, they manifest wisdom and courage to juggle the multiple roles they hold in the family and society. Through their endeavours, WD members play an indispensable role in the organisation with their cheerful nature and nurturing heart that brings great joy and inspires hope in their families and the community.

Young Men Division

The enthusiasm and vigour of youth make the Young Men Division (YMD) the driving force behind the SGS movement. At the prime in their youth and striving at the vanguard of the organisation, these young men aged 40 and below, strives to establish the foundation of faith in life, while bringing with them great passion and expertise to contribute in various ways to the organisation’s activities.
Young Men Division

Young Women Division

The Young Women Division (YWD) comprises female youth members below the age of 40. Also known as the Kayo-kai (“Ka” representing “sun”, “yo” representing “flower” and “kai” representing “group”) members, the YWD strives to foster young women to be “as beautiful as flowers and proud as the sun”, as they endeavour to build an eternal foundation of faith in their lives based on Buddhist study; living out their youth with joy and fulfilment.

Young Women Division

Student Groups

Student Division

The Student Division (SD) was established on 5th February 1984. It comprises students from the universities, polytechnics, junior colleges, institutes of technical education and arts schools. Besides striving towards academic accomplishment, members of the SD also actively foster themselves in both spiritual and intellectual growth. SD members aspire to become successors of Soka and persons of humanism who can contribute to the society at large. The division’s activities include Buddhist studies as well as educational projects aimed at cultivating good reading habits, wide interests and general knowledge of all fields of learning.
Student Division Logo

Future Division

The Future Division (FD) was established on August 21st, 1993.  It comprises student members from all levels in secondary school. FD members are fostered as the successors for the future. Activities are aimed at developing their strength of character and leadership capabilities for the important role they will play in the 21st century.

The division has held its own musical such as “The King and I”, which saw the display of various talents. Though young at age, these members are nevertheless serious in their Buddhist faith and practice as they remain earnest in their studies.

Future Division Logo

Primary Division

The Primary Division (PD) was established in August 1993. It comprises primary school students aged from 7 to 12 years who are also known as “Lion Cubs”.  Since 2003, this division has been under the care of a group of dedicated Women Division leaders and members lovingly called the Sunshine Aunties.

PD children attend monthly activities that are held at the comfort of members’ homes island wide. Through these gatherings, the children’s creativity is set free, talents are displayed and strong bonds of lasting friendships are forged.

SGS Primary Division