Living A Life of Value Creation


Living My Best Life

No one’s life is without challenges. Here, Soka Gakkai members show how their Buddhist practice and chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo give them the courage and energy to create value every day.

Daisaku Ikeda: Life Philosophy—The Power of Encouragement

As the leader of a Buddhist movement, Ikeda strives to instill in others the conviction that each person possesses the innate ability to break through their limitations and transform their destiny.

Singapore – A Youthful Lion City, The Jewel of Southeast Asia



What is SGI?

Origins of Nichiren Buddhism (3:20)

A short film tracing the historical flow of Buddhism from Shakyamuni in India to the 13th-century Japanese sage Nichiren.

History of the Soka Gakkai (4:54)

Learn about the history of the Soka Gakkai from the three founding presidents, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda.

Our Shared Humanity Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement (21:49)

An introduction to the Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Buddhism. Where do the teachings originate from? What is the philosophy of Buddhism? How do Soka Gakkai members apply it in their daily lives?

A Brief Introduction to the Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement (short version 3:38)

What is the Soka Gakkai? What do Soka Gakkai members believe? How do they contribute to society?

SGS Videos

SGS Youth Declaration at the SGS Youth Summit 2018 (1:22)

At the SGS Youth Summit on 25 and 26 August 2018, the SGS Youths made a youth declaration; vowing to unite in solidarity and take ​ownership to build a truly inclusive society and usher in waves of hope for humanity.

SGI Buddhist Movement: An Introduction (short version 3:38)

A brief description of what SGI members believe and what they do to contribute to society.

“The Lotus Sutra – A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence” Exhibition in Singapore (3:43)

Singapore is the 16th country to host this international exhibition on “The Lotus Sutra – A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence” at the Arts House from 1-25 October 2017. This video captures the preparation journey and Opening Ceremony of this exhibition.

“Treasure the Connection” Short Film Series

Treasure the Connection – Canada (2:51)

Buddhist and motivational speaker, Spencer West, describes how the loss of his legs was not his biggest challenge, but rather finding his purpose in life.

Treasure the Connection – Korea (2:33)

A Korean actor about to give up on his dream stands up after his mother reminds him never to be defeated in life.

Treasure the Connection – Taiwan (2:57)

Cherishing the earth, a young man in Taiwan introduces natural methods to pomelo farming and enjoys sharing the fruits of his labor.

Daisaku Ikeda Children’s Stories

This YouTube Channel features animated children’s stories by Daisaku Ikeda, peacebuilder, educator, author and Buddhist philosopher from Japan. His stories impart hope, courage, friendship and peace through vivid adventures of children around the world and seek to inspire them to believe in themselves and have big dreams.

The stories have also been shown on TV in more than 25 countries including Japan, Iceland, Spain, Panama, Australia, Nepal, Malaysia and the Philippines. They have also been used as educational materials in classrooms in India and the Philippines.

In an interview, Mr. Ikeda explained his motivation for writing stories for young people: “Children’s stories epitomize peace. War, on the other hand, deprives children of their dreams and slams the door on their future.” He adds, “All children possess innate dignity, rich creativity and vitality,” and says “children have the inborn ability to find hope in the most hopeless environment…. They are hope itself.”

Click here to visit Daisaku Ikeda Children’s Stories YouTube Channel