Interfaith Activities

Since the 2000s, SGS is represented in the Racial and Religious Harmony Circles of Tampines West, Cashew, Radin Mas, Hong Kah North and Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh constituencies. The Harmony Circle network provides opportunities for residents at the respective localities to engage in learning about each other’s faith and religious tradition.

Besides organising and participating in inter-faith dialogues and symposiums, SGS also participates in Inter-Religious Organisation initiatives to foster friendship and understanding amongst different faith organisations.


Commitment to Safeguard Religious Harmony

SGS is also committed to the Declaration on Religious Harmony that was introduced in July 2003. The spirit of the Declaration is regularly shared with the members at activities held to promote interfaith dialogue.

In a move to further safeguard religious harmony in Singapore, SGS has joined more than 250 key religious communities in the Commitment to Safeguard Religious Harmony in Singapore in 2019. The commitment is seen as an enhancement to the existing Declaration of Religious Harmony, in that it lays out specific ways for Singaporeans to interact with each other.

SGS has been participating actively in inter-faith activities in the local community, as part of our efforts to promote the understanding of different religious perspectives in this multi-cultural society of Singapore.

Interfaith News