Expanding the Solidarity of Peace through Trust in Society

Our heartiest congratulations to the Women Division for your marvellous performance at the recent National Day Parade (NDP)!

This is SGS’s 38th year of participation at NDP and I wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the SGS NDP Committee, participants and all involved, for your dedication during trainings and preparation the past few months.

Let’s Strive to Spread the Immeasurable Benefits of the Mystic Law

July 3 is Mentor and Disciple Day, an eternal reminder of the selfless dedication of the three founding presidents of the Soka Gakkai. Through their life and death struggles, they built the Soka Gakkai, an organisation that has boldly appeared in this troubled age with a vow to fulfil its noble mission in accord with the Buddha’s will and decree for kosen-rufu.

Advance Joyfully, Chanting the Lion’s Roar of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

May is a significant month in the annals of the Soka Gakkai. It has been 63 years since Ikeda Sensei took on the leadership of Soka Gakkai as the third president. Since then, he has never known a moment’s rest, expanding the network of Nichiren Buddhism to 192 countries and territories, living out the path of mentor and disciple.

Advancing Joyfully with a Fresh Wave of Hope at Discussion Meetings

Each May brings us great joy and boundless hope for the future. Each May 3 is a day for us to renew our determination to be courageous, to remain strong and undefeated in the advancement of kosen-rufu — the attainment of peace and happiness in this world — no matter how difficult the situations are.

Inheriting the Great Vow of Kosen-rufu

Three years ago, in April 2020, I wrote in the Editorial as follows: “With the World Health Organisation declaring Covid-19 as a global pandemic, we have reviewed our activities to ensure everyone’s well-being and fulfil our social responsibility to minimise any possible chances of infection. …

Developing a Wonderful Network of Good Citizens

Just recently in February, the Government has announced that Singapore has adjusted its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) from Yellow to Green. This is such great news for all of us after a three-year battle with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sowing the Seeds of the Mystic Law in Each Person’s Life

October 2 is the SGI World Peace Day. This day has come to symbolise the shared commitment of SGI members around the world to creating a wave of positive change in society through promoting non-violence and working for peace and the happiness of all humanity, based on the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.

Let’s Create Another Groundswell of Victories!

The month of August is one of great joy and celebration for Singapore. After more than 30 months of anxiety and uncertainty amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the great success of the 57th National Day Parade attracting some 25,000 people to the floating platform and the area around Marina Bay on August 9, was a hope-filled sight.