Living a Dignified Life

I learnt about Nichiren Buddhism since childhood. At first I only followed my mother to the meetings, but subsequently I started chanting when I was challenging my O-Level exam.

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Growing in the Garden of Soka

Since young I have been warmly nurtured in the garden of the Soka Gakkai. I vividly remember my parents lugging our keyboard to discussion meetings where I played Soka Gakkai songs for the cultural segment. I also took part in skits, shared experiences, and helped to copy Gosho passages on big pieces of paper.

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Encouraging One More Person on the Path to Absolute Happiness

It was a family friend who introduced my eldest sister to Nichiren Buddhism. When I started primary school (in 1987), I had an unbearable itch and pain at my feet. The condition made it difficult for me to focus in class. Seeing my condition deteriorate rapidly, my eldest sister encouraged me to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

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Becoming a Person of Strong Will

To begin, I was someone who did not chant much, sometimes to the point where I didn’t even do gongyo. However, in 2018, I began to chant more hoping to do well for my Primary School Leaving Examination and get into my desired secondary school.

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Philosophy and Practice