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Buddhist Fundamentals

Buddhist Fundamentals adapted from Soka Times

Buddhist Tales

Several stories are found in the Buddhist scriptures. Shakyamuni Buddha used parables to teach his disciples about certain aspects of Buddhist faith. Nichiren Daishonin, in his writings called Gosho, referred to some of these stories to explain his teachings to his disciples.

Extraordinary Jobs, Courageous Emissaries of Hope

Featuring SGS members who hold unique jobs contributing actively to the society while living their lives to the fullest as Nichiren Buddhists.

Gen New Human Revolution (NHR)

Featuring lionhearted SGS members on their personal journey studying the NHR and how it has encouraged them in their daily life.

Learning from President Ikeda's Peace Proposals

Learning from the various stories and anecdotes as shared in President Ikeda’s Peace Proposals!

Promoting Sustainable Actions

Explore the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and be inspired by our members’ efforts on sustainable actions!

Revisiting The New Human Revolution

Distilling the summary of each chapter of the NHR by Volume, to inspire you to pick up the book to give it a read!

Victorious Golden Years

Dedicated to pioneering members in their third stage of life, in the wish to support them to live a most value-creative and victorious life based on the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism and the guidance of SGI President Ikeda.

Third Stage of Youth

A new series dedicated to our pioneering members of faith.

Function Groups of SGS

Featuring the "Behind the Scenes" efforts of our SGS Function Groups.