Buddhist Fundamentals

Let’s study Buddhist Fundamentals adapted from the Soka Times.

Oneness of Life and its Environment

One’s life and the environment are often viewed as completely distinct entities, but is it really so? Let’s learn from the Buddhist principle of “the oneness of life and its environment”.

Helping Others Form a Connection with Nichiren Buddhism

While sowing the seeds of happiness in the lives of people may sometimes seem like an arduous process, it is actually the impetus for changing our society. Read on to find out how “Helping Others Form a Connection with Nichiren Buddhism” enriches our own lives.

Gongyo and Daimoku

Exerting ourselves in our daily practice of doing gongyo and daimoku is like a ‘spiritual workout’, setting us off on a momentum to create value for each day.

Read on to find out about the hope-filled practice of Gongyo and Daimoku.

Continual Propagation to the Fiftieth Person

When we experience happiness or scored a breakthrough through faith, it’s natural to wish to share this wonderful teaching of Nichiren Buddhism with others.

In this Buddhist concept, we explore the principle of the “continual propagation to the fiftieth person”which expounds the boundless benefits of sharing Buddhism with others.

Three Proofs

What is the criteria for discerning the correct teaching for creating happiness and peace? Let’s learn from the Buddhist concept of the “Three Proofs”, which sets forth the standard of how we can do so from the viewpoint of Nichiren Buddhism.

The Principle of "Cherry, Plum, Peach and Damson"

Buddhism teaches the principle of cherry, plum, peach, and damson, and that every being is unique and precious just as it is, without trying to be something else. Today, let’s learn from the Buddhist principle of “cherry, plum, peach, and damson”.