Podcast: Exploring the Lives of Nichiren Daishonin’s Disciples

In this new podcast series, “Exploring the Lives of Nichiren Daishonin’s Disciples”, let us learn from eleven of Nichiren Daishonin’s disciples while exploring the tremendous potential of youth and the profound teachings of Nichiren Buddhism, as adapted from “SGI President Ikeda’s Encouragement for the Future Division: Building a Bright Future Based on Our Vow”.

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Title Length Podcast
Exploring the Life of Nanjo Tokimitsu (1)
"Determination is a Source of Strength and Leads to Success"
(Adapted from Soka Times, February 2020)
Lay Nun Ueno, Mother of Nanjo Tokimitsu
"Your Heart Determines the Kind of Youth You Lead"
(Adapted from Soka Times, February 2021)
Lay Nun Nichinyo
"Believe in Your Own Potential!"
(Adapted from Soka Times, March 2021)
Ikegami Brothers
"Be Wise People Who Will Achieve Victory in Your Youth!"
(Adapted from Soka Times, April 2021)
Abutsu‑Bo and Lay Nun Sennichi
"Hope is Within You!"
(Adapted from Soka Times, June 2021)
Shijo Kingo
"Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in Both Suffering and Joy"
(Adapted from Soka Times, August 2021)
Lay Nun Toki
"The Future is Now!"
(Adapted from Soka Times, May 2022)
Lay Nun Myoshin
"Winning through Daimoku at the Crucial Moment"
(Adapted from Soka Times, August 2022)
Lay Nun Myoichi
"Walking the Great Path of Mentor and Disciple to Usher in Spring for Humanity"
(Adapted from Soka Times, November 2022)
Nanjo Tokimitsu (2)
"Successors Are A Source of Boundless Hope for the Future"
(Adapted from Soka Times, November 2022)
Ikegami Brothers (2)
"Together Creating Inspiring Stories for Future Generations"
(Adapted from Soka Times, May 2021)

Podcasts: This Beautiful Earth

Below are podcasts of This Beautiful Earth essay series by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda. Click on to listen now.

Source: Daisaku Ikeda website

Title Length Podcast Photo Essay
A Hawaiian White Horse 6.23
A Mother and Her Children in Nepal 8.32
A Path at Windsor 6.17
A Rainbow of Victory in Germany 9.29
Allure of the Pyramids 5.41
Cherry Blossoms on a Pond 8.15
City on the Water 8.49
Green Leaves of Oirase 6.34
Himalayan Light 5.49
Luminous Waves of Hong Kong 7.08
May at Taplow Court 9.23
Moon Over Miyazaki 7.31
Moscow in Green 5.53
Niagara Falls 4.58
Paris Tricolors 6.03
Poetry by Water 8.02
Rainbow Over Jeju Island 11.02
The Castle of Osaka, the City of People 10.00
The Light and Splendor of Florence 6.57
The Peaks of Guilin 9.56
The Seoul Guest House 8.29
The Strait at Istanbul 7.45