Our World To Make

In Our World To Make, authors Ved Nanda, a practicing Hindu and prominent figure in the field of international law, and Daisaku Ikeda, a Buddhist thinker and peace advocate, engage in an expansive dialogue that demonstrates that it is but a short leap — or no leap at all — from the personal practice of religion to resolute support for the emerging norms and institutions of global civil society. Our World To Make shows that religion practiced with integrity demands nothing less.

After an exploration of the shared principles of Hinduism and Buddhism that guide their work for peace and justice, Nanda and Ikeda look closely at international movements aimed at the development and protection of human rights, the elimination of nuclear weapons, and the creation of legal frameworks to punish war crimes and crimes against humanity. The overall impact of Our World To Make is to fill the reader, religious or not, with a powerful sense of hope for our shared global future.