The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace (New Edition)–Part 2 Human Revolution

This is the Part Two of the new edition of Selected Excerpts of President Ikeda’s Guidance: The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace. This series was compiled by Ikeda Sensei after he had completed the 30-volume novel The New Human Revolution in 2018. Titled “Human Revolution”, the expanded and newly-categorised edition features related topics ranging from ‘What is Human Revolution?’; ‘Transforming Karma into Mission’; ‘Faith for Harmonious Family’; ‘Faith for Overcoming Obstacles’; and an important topic on ‘Encouragement for Youth’.

In the “Preface” of the book, Ikeda Sensei writes:

“Let us, therefore, ‘encourage each other and advance together’ as we continue on our journey to propagate the Mystic Law into the eternal future of the Latter Day of the Law! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than if this book provides encouragement and sustenance to Soka Gakkai members everywhere as they proceed along that path.”

这是《创造幸福与和平的智慧 新版—池田大作指导选集》第二部:人间革命实践。新版的指导选集是池田先生在2018年完成小说《新人间革命》30卷的著述之后,亲自汇编的。新版的内容经扩大、编辑与重新归类。新版的指导选集的内容涵盖日莲大圣人佛法修行的真髓,包括池田先生几十年来所发表过的内容广泛的指导。第二部从第十一章至第二十章的内容包括:“何谓人间革命”、“化宿命为使命”、“一家和乐的信心”、“超越难的信心”,以及重要的”赠与青年” 的鼓励。



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