Together, Let’s Create Our History of Kosen-rufu

To lead a life that is rewarding and contributive, we ought to have goals and targets no matter at what stage of life we are in. This is even more so since we are practising Nichiren Buddhism, having the mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and as Ikeda Sensei’s disciples.

The SGS motto “Creating My History of Kosen-rufu” in this Year of Fresh Departure for A Youthful Soka Gakkai Worldwide provides every one of us a good opportunity to set our goals and targets and achieve breakthroughs in our life based on faith and practice. For example, transforming the karma that has been bothering us, scoring victory at work and study based on faith, sharing Nichiren Buddhism with someone, exerting in our study of Gosho and Sensei’s guidance in the organ paper and putting them into practice in our daily life.

The history of kosen-rufu that everyone in SGS creates is just like a piece of jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces are put together, it will be the history we have created jointly for the advancement of Singapore
kosen-rufu this year, just as Ikeda Sensei mentioned in his message to SGS in 2023:

“Please remember that the victory of each and every one of you is itself the victory of Soka Gakkai Singapore. And, the advancement of Soka Gakkai Singapore is itself the advancement of kosen-rufu in
Asia and the world.”

Let us all strive to achieve victory in our life as disciples of lkeda Sensei, to become indomitable champions in life, and to show society and the world Sensei’s true greatness through our own victories. This will be the best way to repay our debt of gratitude to our mentor.

In the Soka Gakkai, March 16 Kosen-rufu day is viewed as a day of new departure, with disciples taking responsibility for the organisation’s future and its efforts to contribute to the creation of a peaceful world,
promoting an understanding of the humanistic philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. It is also an occasion for focusing on fostering capable youths.

This year’s March 16 will be the first after lkeda Sensei’s passing and has great significance for all of us as disciples of lkeda Sensei. On the historical day of March 16, 1958, many of the 6,000 youths who attended the ceremony did not understand why they were asked to gather with Toda Sensei.

It was lkeda Sensei, through his dedicated efforts inspiring his fellow comrades to stand up and advance kosen-rufu, who gave meaning to and defined what March 16 means after Toda Sensei’s passing. Without Ikeda Sensei, we would not know the significance of March 16.

Continuing the March 16 spirit to advance kosen-rufu that Sensei has created and continuing to uphold it till eternity will be the mission of all of us striving as Sensei’s disciples with him in our heart, as we trailblaze a new path of kosen-rufu.

It is with this determination that SGS has embarked on the Let’s E.A.T (Encourage Each Other and Advance Together) 10,000 youth dialogues endeavour. With the spirit of treasuring the person in front
of us, let’s go all out to engage the youths, listen to them, learn from and encourage them, and
invite them to the individual chapter youth gatherings commemorating March 16.