Memorial Prayer Sessions Held in Honour of Ikeda Sensei

On 26 November, more than 11,000 members attended Memorial Prayer Sessions held in honour of Ikeda Sensei across 7 centers, to offer their prayers to Ikeda Sensei with profound gratitude.

Members poured into SGS Centers as early as 8am to evening 8pm, to attend the various Memorial Prayer Sessions.

Many were deeply touched by General Director Tay Eng Kiat’s tribute to Ikeda Sensei’s life dedicated to kosen-rufu and SGS senior leaders’ sharing of remarks by Soka Gakkai leaders – Senior Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda, Women Leader Kimiko Nagaishi, and President Harada – at the Soka Gakkai Memorial Prayer Session held in Tokyo, Japan, on 23 November.

Let us all continue to keep our mentor Ikeda Sensei at heart as we advance kosen-rufu with his same spirit for the peace and happiness of humanity.