Updates on SGS’s New Centre at Punggol

21 April 2022

Thanks to everyone’s abundant prayers, our new five-storey castle of SGS Kosen-Rufu is almost completed after 18 months! Interior works are currently underway. Let’s all continue to send prayers for a safe and successful completion by the end of this year!

17 July 2021

Thanks to everyone’s sincere prayers, construction for SGS’s New Centre @ Punggol has now reached the third storey! This is another wonderful milestone achieved towards the completion of our new castle of kosen-rufu in the Northeast!

Let’s continue to send prayers for a safe and most successful completion of our New Centre@Punggol by end of the year!

7 June 2021

Latest Updates! Amidst the challenging Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) situation, we have just started to construct the second storey of our New Centre@Punggol!

It has not been an easy journey with the various obstacles posed including erratic weather conditions, manpower constraints and strict prevailing measures under the current COVID-19 situation. However, thanks to everyone’s sincere prayers, we have now achieved another milestone towards seeing the completion of our new castle of kosen-rufu!

Let’s continue to send prayers for a safe and most successful completion of our New Centre@Punggol soonest possible!

15 September 2020

New Centre at Punggol Ground Breaking Ceremony (3 October 2020)

  • Participation: For All Members.
  • Duration: 30 mins
  • Language: Single (either English or Mandarin) with subtitles (in other language)
  • Broadcast: 3 October (Sat) @ 3.00 PM
  • After the ceremony, from 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM, let’s together chant with our family for the successful completion of the new centre at Punngol in Nov 2021 with absolutely no accident.
  • Please obtain the YouTube link from your SGS leaders.

(Adapted from SGS’s Advisory No. 26 (For All SGS Members)

15 September 2020

Today, I’m happy to report that construction for our New Centre @Punggol will soon begin with the approval of the authorities. Congratulations and thank you very much for all your sincere daimoku to have made this possible! Let us continue to chant that the construction will be smooth and accident-free as we aim towards the completion of our new castle of kosen-rufu.

Punggol Centre

  • Ground breaking ceremony of the new centre will take place on 3 Oct, 2020
  • More details will be provided at a later date.

(Adapted from SGS’s Advisory No. 24 (For All SGS Members)

5 May 2020

With abundant daimoku chanted and sincere prayers offered by all members, the new centre at Punggol project has progressed well. Approvals from the various authorities have been successfully secured for the project to commence construction. Currently, the project is in the tendering stage and an award for the tender is expected to be in June. Due to the current situation, we will monitor the events closely so as to make the appropriate decision to move the project forward.

Despite the current pandemic situation, members have made sincere financial contributions to the new centre’s building fund from January to March this year. Many heart-warming experiences of members have surfaced that exemplify the spirit of sincere offerings and the heart of gratitude despite many challenges. The organisation would like to express our deepest gratitude to all members for their efforts. Let us pray and advance towards the successful completion of our new centre at Punggol by November 2021 with absolutely no accidents.

(Adapted from May 2020 issue of Creative Life)

21 February 2020

Presenting the beautiful design for SGS’s New Centre@Punggol!

As what President Ikeda shares in the New Human Revolution ‘Bold Advance’ Chapter, “Gakkai culture centers are not idle palaces of luxury; they are bastions of kosen-rufu. Bastions are a base from which a struggle is carried out. So the most fitting way to mark the new completion of a bastion is with victory in a struggle.”, let us all create brilliant victories towards the completion of the New Building @ Punggol by November 2021!

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