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Illness Gives Rise to the Resolve to Attain the Way

I am a fortune baby, which means born into this Buddhist practice. Since young, my parents brought my twin brother and me along for Soka Gakkai meetings.

Although attended meetings regularly, I wasn’t proactive in helping out during meetings. Yet from young, I learnt from Ikeda Sensei that our faith journey might not be smooth sailing and we will probably face various problems, but as practitioners Nichiren Buddhism, we can overcome every problem in life through faith and practice.

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我于1983年入信。婚后育有三个孩子, 生活顺利平淡, 直至10年后的1993年, 丈夫开始有外遇, 还接二连三的欠下大笔债务。每当债主上门讨债时, 他就会人间蒸发。

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Faith Is the Engine for All Victories

I began practising in 1983. I have three children after getting married. Life was all smooth until ten years later in 1993. My husband had an extramarital affair and was chalking up high debts one after another. Whenever the creditors came to our door to collect debts, he would disappear.

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Towards a Victorious Future as Husband and Wife United in Faith

As life presents various sets of challenges, Han Boon learns the importance of faith with the unwavering support of his wife Seet Mun. Their experiences truly demonstrate the truth in these words of the Gosho: “It is the power of the bow that determines the flight of the arrow, the might of the dragon that controls the movement of the clouds, and the strength of the wife that guides the actions of her husband.”

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人生充满各种挑战,汉文在太太燮雯坚定的支持下,体会到 信心的重要。两人的人生经历确实体现了日莲大圣人御书的教 导:“箭能飞行是弓的力量,云彩会流动是龙的威力,丈夫有成 就是妻子的力量。”(御书文白并列本II, 294页)

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